consolation prize

i’m neurotic, this i know. my most recent neurosis is keeping a running (very lengthy) list of names for our first-born. every time I hear a name I like, i rapidly enter it in my iphone notepad. my hubby has vetoed many of them and hates that I am putting “the cart before the horse”. But seriously, how many times do you hear something (anything– not just baby names), vow to remember it and can’t for the life of you recall it a mere 20 minutes later. hence, i have a name list. Of course, by the time we actually (hopefully) need to name a child, most of the names will be taken and we’ll be stuck only with obscure names like “apple”. sigh.

we recently came up with a brilliant idea. every time we have a failed attempt (IVF, IUI, clomid-whatever), we’ll get another puppy and bless them with one of our names on the list. sort of a consolation prize (and we secure a name on our list rather than watching them slowly get taken by every pregnant acquaintance).

so, down the road, when we are the old couple with no kids and 12 dogs (with great names), you will know why.


One thought on “consolation prize

  1. SGC says:

    I love this last part! Great idea! šŸ™‚

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