tailgate or playdate?!

adult capri suns -- sophia champagne in a can w/ straw. my tailgating necessity!

yesterday was the BIG rivalry game in our state — UK vs. UL. my house bleeds red (UL). i grew up a huge UK fan, married a UL fan and realized our house is a MUCH happier place for everyone when UL wins. being the smart girl I sometimes can be, I quickly learned to cheer for the Cards!

in my opinion, tailgating is the most fun part of the game experience. mid-day cocktails, yummy nosh, friends, cornhole (if you’re not from the south this is not what is sounds like — it’s a game with two boards and bean bags. sounds lame, but it’s actually super fun). yesterday was no exception.

well, maybe one.

the party was in full force by the time we arrived (we took a pit stop at the woodford reserve distillery for a bourbon tour/tasting/lunch — good times!). it was, as usual, full of loud music, lots of beer (maybe even a little moonshine — yes, we’re in KY and people to still feel the need to make it. it’s gross.), LOTS of blue (UK), a little red (UL). but there was one difference this year from years past. kids. they were EVERYWHERE. especially at our tailgate party.

at one point i stepped back to assess the situation. i realize i was a shot of bourbon (thank woodford), mimosa (roadie), and 3 sophia champagne cans (my obsession and tailgate necessity) in, so my judgement may have been a tad skewed, but there really were 50 kids running around. well, maybe more like 15, but they definitely outnumbered the adults. babies, toddlers and whatever the age between toddler and pre-teen is (i have no idea what that is called — awkward would be the only way to describe it) were running around everywhere. it was a bit overwhelming. when did our tailgates turn into a big playdate?

a little before game time the “moms” had to wheel the kids back to the house to the babysitter. i found this a little annoying too — why does the mom always have to suffer and the guys get to stay back and continue to down beers? not cool. i told my hubby that when/if we have children 1) it’s worth the cost to hire a sitter and 2) if for some reason we do bring them (i.e. sitter bails at last minute), we are doing paper-rock-scissors for who has to be in “charge” of the kiddos.

regardless of the change, i didn’t let it rain on my parade. i must admit, although i would give it up in a heartbeat for a child, there are times when being the “childless couple” has its’ advantages. we didn’t have any worries in the world since our dogs were being well taken care of at home (i.e. probably a tad spoiled) other than who would win the game. o

speaking of, UL won!

oh, and i shall not forget to mention, at one point during the festivities i had to step into one of the tailgating mobiles and inject myself with fertility drugs. yes, i did this AT THE TAILGATE. fortunately, one of the many moms in the group needed to pump so we kept each other company — she pumped and dumped (too much bourbon consumed for a baby!) while i shot myself with drugs. first time for everything at a tailgate!


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