perfect example

Griff sitting on a clean pillow (since he threw up on his bed). Poor thing.

dogs are like kids.

obviously, i do not have kids and this is a completely one-sided perspective and opinion. but it is my reality and how i feel in this moment.

at 6:13a.m. this morning (yes, i looked at the clock), i had already cleaned up dog vomit three times. before i could even shake the dreams from my foggy head, i had to face dog puke (multiple times). apparently poor griff (bulldog) now has the stomach bug that flanagan (beagle mix) had last week. it’s so sad and so gross all at the same time. our house looks like a shrine of some sort with up-teen candles lit all over the place trying to air out the stench of dog puke. not sure what this says for us when/if we do have kids — i guess you get a little more use to this sort of unexpected awakening.

i realize this is a common occurrence when you have children, and i get that. but it’s just as trying when it’s your four-legged friend too. i’m their mom and, for now, they are my only kids. and today my heart hurts for my poor, sick little pup.


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