pet peeve

A long-time pet peeve of mine is the never-ending parade of facebook posts from pregnant “friends”. I’m not sure why I continue to torture myself (isn’t doing the same thing and expecting a different result the definition of insanity?!), but I do. every day I log on and get annoyed by the insane number of Facebook posts pertaining to pregnancy. sometimes it’s to the point of humourous — seriously what are the odds that six people would announce their pregnancy in one week via Facebook. may/june were evidently “busy” months for some of my friends.

but beyond just the irritating, constant “we’re expecting” posts (and all the nauseating “cutesy” versions of announcing it — i really can’t even go there as many are just not okay), the one that deeply annoys me more than anything is the weekly update comparing their unborn child to a fruit or vegetable size. i have one friend in particular that shares this so frequently that i just can’t delete her out of sheer curiosity what she’ll say next. i never comment as i fear i cannot hide my sarcasm that i’m totally making fun of her. today her child is the size of a cauliflower. i found this one particularly funny since that is by far one of the few vegetables that grosses me out (and I’m a serious veggie-lover). it smells bad, tastes funny and it’s just downright dull.

at some point I will surely get sick of the perpetual parade of the detailed pregnancy posts (it’s the size of an eggplant-yay!) and the play-by-play of every milestone their kids make (i really don’t care that your kid finally pooped on the toilet for a green m&m). for now i’ll keep torturing myself, but I will continue to pepper my posts with some of the awesome things those of us who are “childless” can enjoy.

Wine, new inStyle magazine, pups asleep at my feet and awesome fall tv preview week anyone?!


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