is there such thing as too much fruit?

in my fruit-obsessed opinion, there is not such thing as too much fruit. i seriously can eat fruit all day, every day. just add in some chocolate, wine and maybe something salty every now and then and i’m set. so it only makes me happier that pineapple is “supposed to” help with implantation of embryos. you can only imagine how much pineapple i have consumed since learning this little factoid. it may have zero truth at all, but it’s a great excuse to purchase (pre-cut where possible) yummy, fresh pineapples year-round.

this takes me to another train of thought though…is there such thing are trying too much? probably.

i read/research/obsess about fertility facts so much that it makes me crazy (and makes my husband even crazier!). i pour over information about soy, maca, walnuts, animal protein, vegan diets, types of fat, sugar, sugar substitutes, herbal supplements, etc. the kicker is that everything seems to contradict itself, which is super infuriating. one study will say to eat soy, the other will tell you soy is terrible for fertility. a vegan diet is great for fertility, but apparently so is eating a lot of animal protein. for example, i read “making babies – a proven three month programm to maximum fertility“. i love it, but evidently (according to my acupuncturist) i fit into three categories and therefore have three different recommendations for my best fertility enhancing diet. and they are very different. wtf?

so what is it?! where/how do i draw the line without turning into a crazy woman (it may be too late)?

currently, i’m trying to just limit my processed foods (which isn’t very hard since i eat pretty healthy), add in more protein and eat a “healthy” balance of sugar (this one is hard — i’m a chocolate lover), fats, etc. my biggest accomplishment in this world of fertility-enhacing eating was to eliminate caffeine, specifically diet coke. on january 6th, 2011 i went cold turkey and haven’t looked back. this was huge coming from someone who had 2-3/day for 10 years. i’d been toying with it for quite sometime but my acupunturist gave me the gentle nudge i needed and i do feel a million times better. although no baby yet so caffeine wasn’t my “quick fix”.

but that doesn’t help me with the rest of the laundry list of what i should/shouldn’t eat to enhance my stubborn fertility. until someone/anyone can figure it out, i’m just going to continue trying everything i can and, of course, consume lots and lots of pineapple.

it’s even better dipped in chocolate peanut butter dip (no worries — it’s healthy AND vegan).

Crack (courtesy of Oh She Glows)


One thought on “is there such thing as too much fruit?

  1. eschep says:

    Um, yeah, I will be making this. Like in five minutes. Have you had the vegan chocolate chip cookie dough dip? It’s made from chic peas and a bunch of other yummy stuff. I got the recipe from pininterest. It is amazing. I’ll send it to you. I also wanted to say that I love that you are doing this. You have inspired me to start my blog back up as well. It’s such a cathartic way to put your true emotions out into the universe and for whatever reason, that feels good for some reason, you know?

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