our sick baby boy

our sweet boy, griff

our house has been more than a little gloomy this week. aside from my IUI on tuesday and the post-hormone swings that accompany it, our baby (bulldog – griff) has been sick. last night we brought him home from the vet hoping a night at home would help with his unexplainable vomiting (he has anxiety problems so we thought we’d give this a try since nothing else has helped in the past five days). he got progressively worse late last night (i’m talking the nastiest vomit you can imagine — even my husband admitted it smelled worse than most things he has dealt with and that says a lot!). my dear husband ended up driving him to louisville to the emergency vet at 11pm (1.5 hours away).

still no conclusion, but he’s having surgery today. i’m a wreck. so sad and upset — i feel like a horrible mom. i want/should be there but at the same time it doesn’t make “sense” for me to drive up there when he can’t come home today and they probably won’t even let me see him. of course, all “sense” has long been gone in my life. i’m trying to keep myself busy all the time wishing i were there and/or could drink a bottle of wine (which isn’t recommended post IUI – dammit).

here’s to hoping they are able to find and fix what is wrong. i have faith in surgeons (hell, i’m married to one) and know they can perform miracles. but I also have that little sad thought in my head telling me that it might not be fixable. i can’t go there yet. as I told my husband (and i think he fears too), i’m WAY too emotionally unstable right now anyway. this might (would) put me over the edge.

so, please keep our little baby boy in your thoughts today and send positive vibes. he is such a sweet, sweet pup and we would do anything (scratch that, we ARE doing everything) to keep him healthy and well. at this point, we’ve given up our december ski vacation in lieu of his surgery so that must mean we love him dearly…


3 thoughts on “our sick baby boy

  1. SGC says:

    Poor Griff… and poor you. Thinking about all of you and hope he’s home cuddling with you soon!

  2. dogsarekids says:

    Thanks so much! He is out of surgery and hooefully home tomorrow. He did have an obstruction — apparently he ate some sort of fabric (piece of sock? toy?). they had to open him up b/c it was too far down small intestine. poor baby. thank you!

  3. I’m so glad they found the issue and were able to fix it!! I hope he’ll be home with his wonderful parents again soon 🙂 He’s very lucky to have the two of you!

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