drink anyone?

well, here we go again.

about to enter the stage 3 of the fertility treatment cycle (mentioned here) — utter despair, depression and fetal position. last night while excitedly packing for our weekend trip to visit family (i should know better, right?), i got that oh-so-familiar, undeniable cramp. you know the one–it starts low in your belly and is the first hint that your mood is about to take a turn for the worse. might as well go ahead and succumb to the fact that no real work will get done, no true fun will occur (despite the happy smile i will plaster on my face this weekend so as not to ruin it for all). but inside, another piece of me will die and i will break (and am breaking) a little more.

what was i thinking planning a getaway?? ever. it’s bound to be disrupted by stupid non-functioning ovaries. time to pack extra sunglasses and wine. both will be necessary day and night. i guess that’s the one upside — cocktails. lots and lots of cocktails.

me after our last failed IVF on drink #2 of 20.

2 thoughts on “drink anyone?

  1. […] was pretty obvious from my previous post (here), i went into this weekend with a definite chip on my shoulder. how could i not? i expected the […]

  2. I’ve been putting off visiting the in-laws for the last two months for this very reason. But in a few weeks, I won’t be able to avoid it. Hopefully I’ll have something positive to focus on by then…but I doubt it :\

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