a pleasant surprise

enjoying asheville with our baby boy

it was pretty obvious from my previous post (here), i went into this weekend with a definite chip on my shoulder. how could i not? i expected the inevitable to arrive while there due to foreshadowing cramps (which lasted MUCH of weekend). however, i had several realizations this weekend that were a pleasant reminder that i/we have a wonderful life despite out child-bearing struggles.

first, i didn’t start my period (yet). i’d still bet my house it will arrive any minute — timing is right (any day now) and signs are all there (including the sorest boobs of my life yesterday while ziplining and the worst day-long cramps saturday while trawling to game–so bad i couldn’t even enjoy a pregame cocktail or two.). but, i am at least thankful it didn’t happen while away. i really wasn’t sure how i was going to cope if it happened since there was no escape route to follow my typical post-period routine (bed, fetal-position, boxes of tissue, etc.)

second, and just as important, i discovered that i do have the ability to compartmentalize and have true fun (even when I’m scared and partially broken inside).  we had an absolute blast spending quality time with my brother-in-law, sister-in-laws and nephew. we roamed/wandered Asheville, enjoyed champagne on a patio while playing a mean game of UNO with our nephew, went to chapel hill for UL game (of course!), enjoyed local food (including  French broad chocolates — my newest obsession), plenty of adult beverages and wrapped up the weekend with the most amazing zipline tour ever. it was a blast.  a truly amazing weekend and much, much-needed. 

i guess the takeaway for me is that sometimes (not always, but sometimes) the best medicine is living IN the moment and forcing myself to step out of my box (i.e. my bed) when times are tough. sometimes it really can help to forget (for a moment) the “what if’s”, “when’s” and “why’s” and just be in the present. 

oh, and the biggest highlight of the weekend– GRIFF! he made the road trip with us due to his recent surgery and he was a hit. asheville is an amazingly dog-friendly community and he got so much love and attention. in hind site, we should have charged $1/photo or petting opp for him — we could have made a dent toward his recent medical bills!

our nephew, Griff and me

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