pros to remaining childless (part of 1 of many)

i was hoping to have some elaborate, organized pro/con list that i would post all at once, but that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. distraction is at an all time high in my world. instead, i’ll follow the rest of this blog’s style and just post as i think of them.

a few PROS to being DINKs (double income, no kids):

1. spontaneous girls nights whenever the hell i feel like it (well, this could also be a con i guess since most of said friends have kids and don’t have the same availability), but it’s still nice to have that option. for example, i’m going driving to louisville to have dinner/spending the night with some girlfriends tomorrow night AND having a girls boat get-away this weekend. having kids could/would definitely put a kink in this style.

2. hangovers suck, but they really suck if you have to wake up and take care of children (a friend and her husband take “shifts” when they are hungover — not a bad idea and one that we will definitely implement if we do have a child in the future). right now, i will bask in the ability to waller in bed as long as i want, take multiple naps, watch a marathon of real housewives, go on a run (yeah, i’m one of those hungover people who actually try to sweat it out), eat some greasy takeout (in bed) and all-in-all accomplish not a lot of anything following an evening of being over-served.

3. retail therapy for myself – granted we have a ridiculous amount of money tied up in fertility (stupid amount), but at least with any extra $$ floating around, i can have a free people/anthropologie/lululemon splurge on myself. and, it serves dual purposes since retail therapy can also help suppress the devastation following a failed cycle.

that’s all for now.

note: these are obviously pretty superficial “pros”. there are many, many more which do include some serious ones. stay tuned for more. this post is to-be-continued….


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