a heavy heart

last night i received some news that left me with a heavy heart for a special friend — one of fellow fertility friends miscarried at 6.5 weeks. the overwhelming feeling of sadness i feel for her is paralyzing. just a few short weeks ago they were over the moon and planning the next 9 months (and lifetime) with their beautiful child (after years of struggling to conceive) and in an instant that was stripped from them. all the exuberant happiness was replaced with deep sadness.

i know there are logical, medical reasons for miscarriages, but the illogical, emotional side of me can’t accept that right now. all i can think about is how much they want a child (and all the experiences that accompany) and what amazing parents they will be.

i know in my heart it will work for them. and i hope they can hold on to a glimmer of hope that they did get pregnant and make it as far as they did. that is a least a partial victory.

but, right now, i am just sad for her. for them. it really puts everything into perspective.


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