let it go

griff resting peacefully -- soaking in the sun on my favorite chair

i was running around frantically this morning before work — multitasking as usual. cramming in a pilates workout (my love), answering “urgent” work emails that just couldn’t wait 20 more minutes, making bed, doing a load of laundry, being on hold with the insurance company for 20 min. about medication coverage (awesome) and just in general overwhelming myself with a whole lot of unimportant stuff. i do that a lot.

i ran around the house looking for the dogs and started to get angry when i discovered griff in one of the “off limits” rooms.

but, he was just too comfy and too cute to get angry. he has a hard, hard life.

life’s too short to get angry and worked up over every little thing so i let it go (which i am NOT always so good at doing) and let him sleep peacefully. hopefully i can learn a little bit from griff and relax.

look closely at the corner of the chair. that is the reason why this room is off limits to griff. 🙂

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