i have a very, very cool aunt (and uncle). they exemplify everything i want to be and more in life. they have a passion for each other, their careers, their home, their friends/family, travel, cooking, food…everything. a passion that can be detected by a mere conversation. they are just outstanding.
they did not have children yet have lived a life of true happiness (probably more so than many with kids) and i wanted to share some of her words of advice. this has really, really made me think.

“Sometime you’ll get to end of this endless process and to the point where you really know what is possible for your life — and then if it’s not to include children in some way I’ll help you make it really wonderful anyway. I did figure out at some point that everyone has some combination of things that add up to happiness — a happy marriage, lots of good friends, children and family, a fulfilling career, money, health, etc. It’s really clear that no one seems to have everything, and everything that seems normal/happy can change. I know that doesn’t really help when what you really want is children. One thing I know is that a diverse set of friends and experiences is very good, because it takes the emphasis off of one thing. By that I mean men/women, married/not, parents/not, involved in careers/not, etc. I have to say, all things considered, we’ve had an incredible life!”

powerful words from a remarkable woman.

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