a dose of perspective

i have a small obsession with giuliana rancic. besides the obvious connection with her fertility struggles and journey, i just really adore her. granted she is very often made up and a wee bit of a barbie-doll look-alike, but she has a warm, genuine soul that comes out in her “real life” show. underneath her beautiful shell, she seems to have an even more beautiful inside.

this morning when i heard she was having an announcement on the today show, i was that girl who tivoed the entire show to make sure i didn’t miss it while showering for work. unfortunately i had a nagging feeling this wasn’t happy pregnancy/adoption news. my radar wasn’t going off. sadly i was right. for those of you who haven’t heard, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. her new RE actually discovered it after requiring her to get a mammogram prior to her 3rd ivf (first with him). he didn’t want to get her pregnant on the off-chance she had breast cancer — which she did. she even pushed back at first because it seemed crazy at 36 with no family history to have a mammogram. but, ends up, it will likely save her life because pregnancy can advance breast cancer. as she said, her (future) child, saved her life.

such an amazingly positive outlook that makes me really put things into perspective.

in my opinion, this is beyond not fair. i hate that statement usually, but sometimes it just fits the situation. and here it certainly does. this just is not fair. but her outlook and strength in this journey is admirable and inspiring.

sending many thoughts and good karma to giuliana and her family. may good things be in the near future for them. they certainly are well-deserved.


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