a “me” day

do you ever go through phases where you just. cannot. focus. yeah, i seem to be stuck in one of those times right now (and have been for a while). i was starting to feel back into my groove a couple weeks ago (during the dreaded two week wait ironically — since our expectations were so low), but the past week has been more than a whirlwind. the past several months of chaos have hit me and put me in a state of unrest. i can’t even sit through an episode of rachel Zoe right now with out crazy multi-tasking and my mind wandering off (which is unheard of for me!). i just cannot focus.

i cannot go into it all just yet, but the tornado of emotions that has hit our home recently is overwhelming. not all bad either. between my husband’s job stress (good stress but still stress), the recent dog debacle, selling our condo in Louisville (which carried a huge emotional attachment to our life there), my crazy schedule of balancing work with doctors appointments (i.e. living in my car), and a few other soon to be discussed things – all of which occurring while i’ve been hopped up on every kind of hormone imaginable- i’ve been a full blown nutcase. pure crazy to say the least.

i woke up to the sound of rain at 4am this morning and knew immediately that today needed to be a rejuvenation “me” day. fortunately i was already off today so i embraced this feeling. i lingered in bed with a big bowl of puffins (obsessed) and hot decaf vanilla chai tea (obsessed), followed by barre class (obsessed) and panera soup lunch (obsessed) with a newer friend i rarely see.

i should go run errands, tackle my to-do list, etc but for now i’m giving myself a couple hours of just “me” time. blissful me time to think about all the things happenening in our life right now.

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