yes, i really made these and they actually look like the picture on the website! that rarely happens!

you may have figured out by now that i have a slightly addictive personality.

currently, i’m 100% overly obsessed with pumpkin-flavored season. don’t get me wrong, i’m not a huge halloween girl (you wont find me at a haunted house anytime soon again — I learned that lesson the hard way) but i LOVE anything pumpkin flavored. when Starbucks rolls out their pumpkin spiced latte, i know the season is here (note: i don’t even drink coffee, but it’s the universal signal that pumpkin season is in full force. and it makes me smile.)

a few of my current favorites:

greek yogurt mixed with canned pumpkin with a little stevia and pumpkin pie spice (it’s like pumpkin pie filling for breakfast — who doesn’t love that!)

somewhat healthy (i.e. not completely terrible for you) pumpkin dip.good with gingersnaps, apple slices. Or with a spoon (my favorite).

and, my all time new find/ obsession this season — healthy dark chocolate oatmeal muffins. these gems are amazing. really. they are flavorful, dense, moist (sorry– hate that word but with baking terms it’s appropriate), and has the chocolate addition that makes my day. these will be my staple contribution at every get together from now until march (maybe longer if I don’t burn everyone out).

the best news about pumpkin season — it’s super good for you!!! Icing on the (pumpkin) cake.

who knows…maybe pumpkin is the latest and greatest fertility food!

i’m off to make a batch for my sweet nephew who turned one today….his mom informed me Starbucks pumpkin bread is his latest love. this is a child after my own heart!


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