good for the soul

i realized today it’s been over a week since i posted anything. ugh. to put it bluntly, life has been insane. a complete whirlwind. we’ve been working hard and playing harder (as it should be) but it’s left me feeling 100% ragged. so, today i am having a “me” day of vegging and relaxing.

now, i guess i should expand a little on my definition of “vegging”. i simply cannot, CANNOT do nothing all day. i love movies and couch time just as much as the next person, but i physically and mentally cannot do nothing for extended periods without going crazy (it drives my husband batty). but everyone’s version of relaxing is different (and sometimes it varies depending on the day / weather / mood / etc.). and everyone, EVERYONE needs days where they can relax. it’s good for the soul and spirit.

today mine involved sleeping in, lingering in bed watching tv with breakfast, doing a workout video (i’m still obsessed physique 57 videos and needed something to wake myself up), grocery shopping, 4 loads of laundry, a short jog with flanagan (she NEEDED some love/exercise after a weekend of not getting much), paying/filing bills and watching Thomas Crowne Affair with my hubby and our “kids” (a favorite in our house). THIS is my idea of a relaxing day. and the best part…we still have an evening of relaxation ahead before the week of chaos/travel/work/play starts again.

until then…i’m going to enjoy this day of “nothing” with no guilt. and so are the pups.

cuddle love on flanagan's bed


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