tis the season to be thankful

i must admit, i’ve never been a huge holiday person. of course i enjoy the festivities, the happy joyous mood in the air, the music, the extra special quality time with family, etc. — but to be honest i think people get way too stressed and worked up over the holidays. they should be enjoyable — NOT miserable! and, not having a child makes the holidays a little less meaningful sometimes — there is something so fun and vibrant about watching a child tear open presents from Santa. i don’t quite get the same feeling from watching a bunch of 30, 40, 50+year olds swapping presents (which they don’t really need to begin with). it’s become way too commercialized and materialistic in my personal opinion — (but i’ll get off my soapbox for now).

but there is one thing i do especially adore about the holiday season — the sacred time to reflect and be thankful. this morning i lingered in bed a few extra minutes and just reflected. i am one lucky girl.

*a wonderful, kind, adoring husband (who puts up with my crazy antics)
*more dear friends than anyone could ever ask for (old and new)
*two sweet puppies(aka kids) who brighten our lives every day
*amazing, supportive family (role-model parents, great in-laws, wonderful brother, two gorgeous nephews, great brother and sister in-laws, amazing grandparents, aunts and uncles)
*a warm, friendly home with everything we could ever ask for
*great jobs
*our health

and this year, we have something extra special that tops the list. this year we are thankful for our biggest hope and dream being answered….

we are having a baby.

there you have it. our news is out. i am almost 11 weeks pregnant and we are over the moon. we actually still haven’t made a public announcement (so shhhh please!) but my friends who read this blog already know:).

we are beyond thankful this Holiday season. and will forever be grateful. we are blessed beyond our own belief.

details to come. i’ve actually been writing posts and just filing them as drafts over the past 6 weeks so i do have some of our journey documented and will post soon. 🙂

may your holiday season be happy and full of joy and thanks as well.

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