October 10: Oh my

now that i have shared our big news on here, i can finally publish all the posts that have been lingering in my “draft” inbox. i dated them so i could track my progress. and, just a little warning, i was overly emotional and hormonal so who knows what some of them say!

well, i am in shock right now. complete and utter shock.

all weekend long i waited for my period to arrive, and based on the cramping and boob soreness i knew i was in for a doozie. when this morning arrived and it hadn’t come, i was a little confused but just assumed my body was being slow to do what it is supposed to do (as always).

after an early morning walk with girlfriends, i made a grocery run to pick up a few staples since our fridge looked like a college student with a few lone beers and condiments. while there i picked up some pregnancy tests knowing i would need to take them tomorrow to let dr. a’s office know it was negative (just to add salt to the wound).

i have zero patience and self-discipline. so when i got home i decided to go ahead and pee on it and get the depression mode started (a day early technically since tomorrow 10/12 will be two weeks from the iui and the first day you can detect.)

i nearly died when i immediately saw TWO lines show up. OMG — it said i was pregnant. i’ve never, ever had a positive test. ever. i didn’t/don’t even know what to do. i looked at the guide, looked at my test, looked back at the guide a million times. it was true.

i called my husband who was on his way to louisville (of course, we’re never together when we get any baby news — good or bad!) and sobbed the news to him.

of course, now i’m scared/excited. technically, the hsg shot could still be lingering in my system so this could be a chemical pregnancy. do i get excited? do i cry? what do i do?

tomorrow we’ll know more…

in the meantime, i will dream happy thoughts of hope tonight.

One thought on “October 10: Oh my

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