0ctober 12: due date

post from 10.12.11:

i played phone tag with dr. a’s office all yesterday afternoon and missed their call (stupid phone) when my favorite nurse called to let me know i am officially pregnant. today when i spoke with her, she had tears of joy in her voice. i’ve gotten to know these ladies and they mean the world to me.

she told me my level is high enough that i don’t need another blood test (yea!) — a good sign. i have to keep taking prenatal vitamins (duh) and add a progesterone supplement (awesome gooey soposatory but i don’t care). but otherwise, i’m just supposed to go on like normal (whatever that may be!)

i go back to see dr. a on 10/31 to have an ultrasound where we will hopefully get to hear a heartbeat and know if it’s one baby or more…(yikes!).

based on their calculations (which is based on your last period, not time of conception), i am 4 weeks, 2 days pregnant. wow. that sounds so weird.

i’m pregnant. I’M pregnant.
for now, at least.

my favorite part of today besides hugging my husband, was telling my mom. she cried, i creid. we cried. it was beautiful.

and now we enter a couple weeks (2.5 to be exact) of walking on pins and needles. we are telling no one (hence the delay of these posts being published) but our parents and my fertility therapy group. other than that, we’re keeping our lips sealed. i love this little secret — and i am really trying to enjoy this moment best i can.

enjoy. enjoy. enjoy.

along with a lot of fear.

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