post from october 11: more news

well, i’m finally getting around to posting a lot of the draft posts i wrote in the first couple weeks we found out we were pregnant. it’s sort of cool for me to go back and read my own feelings and relive the amazement and astonishment we experienced (and continue to experience).



one of my dear therapy girlfriends advised me to take another test this morning, and if positive to call dr. a’s office to see if they want me to get a blood test.

for the first time ever, i piddled around not wanting to take the test. i didn’t want to ruin the 24 hours of (a little) bliss i’ve experienced with the thought that i might really, really be pregnant.

finally, i did it. i peed on the stick. and, two blue lines showed up again! i had a mini freak out (in a good way) and called dr. a’s office. they advised me to go get a blood test which i did through my obgyn (who fortunately is also a dear friend). i felt like i was going to throw up for the 3 hours i waited to hear from him. i tried to occupy myself with work (ha), but clearly i was distracted.

at 1pm today my obgyn texted me…

“254!!! You are pregnant!!”

chills. tears. more tears. happy tears, scared tears. lots of tears.

i am in shock right now. we are in shock right now. i want to hold onto this moment forever and ever.

regardless of what happens at least i know what it feels like to be told i am pregnant. and, more importantly, my body has made HUGE progress.

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