back after a whirlwind month!

well, it has been well over a month since i last published a “new” post. as you can see, i finally got around to posting the 20 or so posts i wrote while we were in our hush-hush period of the pregnancy. i could come up with some excuses but i’m going to pull the pregnancy card — i was tired, busy and just didn’t feel like blogging at the end of a long day! but, it was actually really cool to read through the pre-written posts again and see how i was feeling, what i was thinking (still crazy!), etc. my hope for the next 5.5 months (and beyond!) is to continue blogging about this amazing journey so that someday i can look back and show our child all the love and emotion that brought him/her into this world. while i do not make resolutions, this is a personal goal i am setting for myself for 2012. this blog has become such a wonderful way of documenting our journey and i want that to continue.

meanwhile, in the past month+ life has been insanely busy. thanksgiving came/went (spent with my parents, brother and nephew in atlanta — and i slept about 28 of the 40 hours we were there!). christmas came/went (we hosted again and it was the most special holiday i have experienced in my life so far…more on that in a later post). and we received lots of lots of baby gifts! but more important to me than the holiday milestones were the pregnancy milestones we passed the past couple months.

today, i am 15.5 weeks pregnant. i’m well into my third month which just seems insane. and awesome. we have had several more ultrasounds and we’ve now heard the heartbeat (the best day of my life). and, yesterday, we got to see baby k bouncing around in my belly. as my husband said, “he/she is just like his momma and won’t sit still!”. we weren’t able to find out the sex since baby k was having too much fun playing. hopefully next week we can find out, but for now i am 100% happy knowing that our baby is loving his/her home.

prior to yesterday’s appointment, we were pretty apprehensive (at least for the past couple days). it was the longest i’ve been without an ultrasound and i honestly still don’t really feel pregnant. apparently this is normal for first babies and i know i am blessed. my food aversions (sweets/gum) have pretty much subsided, my body still looks/feels pretty normal, my exhaustion is over for the most part…other than my belly button popping out already (pic to come), i can’t really tell. again, i know i’m lucky! but, it also created a little bit of fear that something might be wrong. i suppose we’re still waiting for the bottom to fall out…something to happen that jolts us back to reality. but after yesterday’s appointment, our doctor/friend came back into the room and sat us down. he looked at both of us and in all serious/professional tone told us “it’s time to enjoy your pregnancy”.

so, that’s what we’re going to do. enjoy. what a beautiful thing to hear as we enter a new year — enjoy and embrace this amazing journey that we are so fortunate to be on together.


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