november 11: update

previous post 11.11.11:

today i’m 8 weeks and 4 days along. still surreal. despite no noticeable physical changes (that i can see), i’m definitely having some symptoms (which I gladly will take). i’ve shared my exhaustion already–that is still in full force. my bed is my heaven. bliss.

my eating habits are what really seem to be pronounced and drastically different. here’s the rundown:

– i HATE gum. Mint is the worst, but fruit, cinnamon, etc — all of it just makes me want to lose my lunch at the thought of it. this is crazy strange for someone who could easily power through a pack of sweet mint orbitz in < a day in my recent past. i actually hope this one sticks after pregnancy — it's one of my most annoying habits.

– i do NOT want or like sweets right now. i need to clarify a bit on this –by sweets i mean baked goods, icing, cakes, pies,cookies, most candy, etc. the only sweets i can stomach: Dark chocolate raisins (trader joe's preferably), plain vanilla frozen yogurt, small amounts of plain dark (or sea salt chocolate). and—LIFESAVERS! i am loving large lifesavers — they are just as their name suggests (except the cherry — yuck). all of this is super crazy for me. anyone who knows me, knows that next to wine and champagne, sweets are my favorite. i can (well, could) eat dessert all day long and not miss salty/savory a bit. so needless to say, this is causing some major confusion for me. my mind thinks i want it (from habit) but my stomach has a much different opinion. pass the salt please! (side note: my skin loves my decrease in sugar…been my facialist noticed! let's hope this lingers post-pregnancy too!).

– i am obsessed with tomato soup (roasted red pepper and tomato soup from trader joe's and/or pacifico brand). i think this has been part of 5 of my meals this week. obsessed.

– i am equally as obsessed with Asian/Japanese/Thai food. veggie sushi rolls, edamame and ginger chicken stir fry — yes please!! if i'm not eating tomato soup, this is what i want.

– one constant pre-pregnancy and now — fresh fruit. grapefruit, grapes, strawberries, pineapple. yum. this could be an expensive winter!

that's all for now. it is so amazing how something so small (a green olive!) can make me feel SO different. And it just makes my love for our little baby k that much stronger.

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