november 6: pure exhaustion

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wow is all i can say.

in all my adult years, i (sadly) have never been a napper. in fact, i’ve always been a terrible sleeper. i toss and turn, worry, make to-do lists in my head and finally give in to my sense of urgency for some matter and get up. i can probably count on one hand the number of naps i’ve had in the past 5 years (i’m sure there were some post party night naps in college i can’t recall so i won’t go back that far!).

my how things can change overnight. last week i was starting to feel a little more run down and weary, but powering through like an energizer bunny — i could pretty easily still log 300 miles on the road for work during the day, work out, run errands, cook dinner (which usually involves a grocery store trip for at least one needed item), do laundry, pack/unpack for week, play with dogs, clean the house a bit, piddle on pinterst, write a blog post, etc before forcing myself to go to bed.

but this week (starting Thursday in fact) things changed drastically. while traveling home from lexington on Thursday i was sure i was going to have to pull over and nap on the side of the road. my normal solutions — cold air, loud music, cold drink, call a friend, gum, etc. didn’t hold a candle to my exhaustion. in fact, i couldn’t stomach a drink or gum b/c the thought of anything in my mouth made me want to vomit. “oh geez” was all i could think. i managed to make it home and work a couple of hours before crashing on the couch for over an hour. i was shocked…i slept…during the day!

and that was just the beginning. i was off work friday. Naively i thought i should be rejuvenated from my nap and night of sleep the previous eve, so i went to the gym, ran some errands, had lunch with some girlfriends and had plans to work on our guest bedroom that afternoon. needless to say that did not happen. in fact, i was in bed at 3:30 in the afternoon (bed, not even couch!), and didn’t get up until 8am the next morning (disclaimer: i did get up to make a quick dinner to eat in bed and pee).

the kicker is…i was STILL tired when i woke up the next morning.

this is crazy! i sure didn’t expect something so tiny to be able to zap ALL my energy. but for once, i’m listening to my body and resting. this isn’t just about me anymore…this is about our baby. 🙂


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