october 27: a theory

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today i am 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant. it still sounds/feels surreal to say that and especially to see it in writing (and to see a picture verifying it!). to date, i feel perfectly normal. yes, i’m a little more tired than usual, have a little more heartburn than normal and still am thirsty ALL day long. but for the most part, i feel totally normal. no nausea, no morning sickness, no major cravings, no huge aversions, no sore boobs, no real weight gain yet. just pretty normal.

as i’ve mentioned before, i sort of wouldn’t mind a bout or two of morning sickness to prove that everything is progressing as it should, but i know i’m blessed to not be sick.

but the whole concept of morning sickness intrigues me. it dawned on me that NONE of my “fertility” friends have suffered from morning sickness. sure they’ve had a few days of feeling a little woozy, but none of the constant / every day sickness that many people get.

this makes me wonder….is morning sickness partly psychological? before i start a huge fight, i’m not saying it is or it isn’t. just posing a question from observation of pregnant friends. obviously there is a physical component (some people can’t keep a single thing down and that is not psychological), but could it be that a portion of it is a little mental? people who have gone through fertility treatments are usually so excited to be pregnant that they couldn’t give a shit if they feel like shit. they embrace the feeling, see it as a sign and sort of love it. because of this, they don’t let it put them down for the count. so…maybe there is a small (or large) portion of it that is mental. again, this is totally an un-reseached opinion that i developed based on my small circle of fertility friends. but, i can’t help but think it’s pretty interesting.

my other thought (and this one is probably a little stronger) is that when you’ve gone through rounds and rounds of crazy injectable hormones surging through your system, you sort of get used to your body feeling out of whack. nausea, bloating, night sweats, breakouts, headaches…they are all part of the fertility game. you just sort of get use to it and the longer you do the treatments, the more this becomes your baseline for “normal”. one of my dear friends who did fertility treatments for 2.5 years (3 IVFs and 9 IUIs) told me that pregnancy hormones have NOTHING on fertility drugs. interesting, huh? so far (6 weeks in no doubt), i have to agree. sure, the bodily changes will be more intense and noticeable, but the emotional/mental/hormonal changes sound like they might be a breeze in comparison. and maybe, just maybe, this is why fertility treatment pregnancies are often not as difficult as far as sickness — our “normal” is completely whacked and we’re simply use to the foreign feeling.

if that’s the case, bring it on.


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