october 14: stats and pic

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today i am 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant. wow. i just can’t express how weird it is to say this. i still don’t entirely believe it.

but my body does.

here are a few stats:

starting weight: 5’7″, 115lbs

picture: (at 4 weeks 3 days)


vitamin water GLOW flavor (I cannot get enough — seriously i’m pounding bottles. I am SO thirsty)

hummus/fresh veggies

pumpkin anything/everything.

fish is grossing me out (usually one of my favorites). i had it tuesday night and kept tasting it wednesday. yuck. it was good fish, my taster is just off

smaller meals vs. larger meals. i want to graze all day but never eat much at once. this is different for me.


i can’t suck in. usually if i feel/look a little bloated i can suck in and look “normal”. not so much right now. i’m cool with it — it’s just odd!

i cannot sleep (i think this is more due to my ocd nature but still it’s odd)

no real major nausea yet — hopefully that will continue but i will happily take it if it does come.


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