october 15: weekend getaway

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as you read (here) a few weeks ago, i had an exceptional weekend getaway with my girlfriends. what i couldn’t tell you in that post since we were not announcing our pregnancy to anyone is how crazy/difficult/interesting it was to NOT have any cocktails. as i’ve shared before, i love a good cocktail and rarely turn one down. but, obviously (and hopefully) i’ll be giving that indulgence up for the next 8 months. happily.

that said, i knew my cover would be blown as soon as i declined a drink (mimosas started the day early and progressed from there). i hate lying but that really was my only option unless i wanted to tell everyone (which my husband is adamantly opposed to). so, prior to the trip while we were emailing figuring out food/drink/details for the weekend, i informed everyone i was going on drinking-detox through our next cycle. technically this isn’t/wasn’t a lie. i am abstaining from alcohol through my next cycle — it’s just that hopefully my next cycle won’t be for many months. i did have a friend who got pregnant on the round that she declined ALL drinks (usually you are just told to enjoy in moderation) so i used that as my rationale. i’m pretty much the crazy girl who will try anything (insane pineapple consumption, fruit cleanse, maca powder smoothies, yin herbal supplements, acupuncture…you name it, i’ve probably given it a whirl). so, this latest adventure wasn’t too unbelievable for them. hopefully.

i’m pretty sure they were a bit leery of my motivations, but nonetheless they were supportive as i drank endless bottles of sparkling water and vitamin water while they sipped their more festive libations. and, once i got through the first “no thanks” to a cocktail when we arrived, it was smooth sailing. granted, a glass of red wine would have been an awesome compliment to the beautiful trip while we watched the sun set, but i didn’t miss it one bit knowing i had/have a little secret growing inside me.

cheers (with vitamin water) to 8 more months of being a great DD!

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