october 19: Weekly odds and ends

previous post 10.19.11:

it’s starting to sink in a little now.

we really are pregnant. this is really happening.

of course, we’re still being super cautious about sharing the news (i will share it here– along with all these old posts that have been hanging in my drafts- after 10/31 when we have our first ultrasound — if I can keep my mouth shut that long!). our family and a very small group of people know (random selection — so no hard feelings — I’ll blame it on hormones and situations). regardless, after the repeat blood test monday, we’re feeling excited.

I’m going to share weekly stats (odds and ends) throughout this process…basically I want to do it for me to keep as a journal, but anyone interested and reading this blog can access:).

Odds. (not a lot new from last week):

I cannot suck in. Seriously I said this before but it’s becoming more true daily. Especially at the end of the day — I can make myself look 3 months pregnant! In the morning, not so much.

Our grocery bill has doubled already. I can’t control myself — if it looks appealing, interesting, healthy, I want it. This could be bad — at least trader joes is opening in Lou soon so I can stock up cheaply.

I want to snack all day. My current faves: dark chocolate almond milk (omg — obsessed). Puffins (obsessed). Hummus with red pepper slices (obsessed). Pumpkin anything (still). Odd combo, I know.

interested to see how things unfold over the next few months!


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