october 29: things are changing

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they are changing a lot…

yesterday we went to an avett brothers concert in nashville with another couple. over the course of the day which included some shopping, happy hour hopping, dinner and a concert, i had to give up our “secret”. it’s simply too hard with close friends to hide it — it’s such a HUGE part of our life right now and consumes nearly every thought in my head. when you remove that from my conversation options, i nearly become mute (well, that’s probably exaggerating just a tad!). couple that with my mocktails and they knew something was up.

we shared our joy with them over dinner and they were ecstatic. we toasted (me with soda water/lime, them with festive cocktails) about our little bean. i realized (once again) while toasting, things are changing. forever. there we were having a day out of town with no obligations (sure we had to get home to the pups but i had already arranged for my mother-in-law to stop by and feed them while we were gone)…and this would not be the case < 8 months from now. this is all changing. soon.

after a late night at the concert, we had a super early morning to drive to the UL football game which started a noon. i felt 100% hungover which sucked considering i had nothing more exciting than sparkling water all night (obviously). my body was just physically exhausted and "hungover" from the long day, late night and early morning. this is new to me…i can usually rally with no problem. guess that is all changing too.

the game was great, but i daydreamed about my bed for the entire second half. we skipped the halloween party we had previously considered (it was not even a consideration by mid-afternoon) and i was in bed by 8pm. on a saturday night. the saturday night before halloween to be exact. things are definitely changing.

and…i'm 100% okay with it. change is great and i welcome it with open arms — it just may be a little surprising sometimes.


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