is today the day?

i’m sitting at my husband’s office patiently waiting to see if we can find out the sex of our unborn child. last week our ob was unable to tell (baby k just wouldn’t stop bouncing around long enough to be able to get any sort of good indication). today one of the lovely ladies in my husband’s office is going to give it a shot. she does ultrasounds (but not typically to tell gender of a baby since his office is a general surgery office — not an obgyn office). but, she said she’d happily give it a shot!

as i sit here waiting, i am so nervous. i’m beginning to think that’s just part of it — every time i know i’m having an ultrasound, i will be anxious. this morning my stomach was not right and i just felt “off”…i’m now wondering if it was just another bout of pre-ultrasound nerves. my fear of something being wrong will always linger and come to a peak just as they smear the cold jelly on my tummy. every time.

so, in a bit, we may know if our little baby is going to be a precious little girl or a sweet little boy. everyone has their opinions (which they’ve shared!) but i really don’t. i have no idea. and, i really have no idea what i “prefer”. when i say all i want is a healthy baby, that’s really what i mean. i will be 100% happy with buying blue or pink.

more later…hopefully with news! but if not, i will be just as happy to know that everything is still okay and baby k is still happily bouncing in his/her home for the time being.


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