the verdict is

yesterday we had a GREAT surprise…probably the best since the day we found out we were pregnant. well, that and the day we had the first ultrasound — and the day we heard the heartbeat — and the day we saw the baby bouncing around in my belly like a soccer ball. let’s be honest, they are all great days when they involve confirming our child is happy and healthy.

yesterday was another one of these great milestones. our dear friend/ob let me pop in for a spur of the moment ultrasound to see if we could detect the gender. and…we did! he/she finally participated!

we now know what our little baby will be and it is thrilling. it makes it all seem that much more real. that and the fact that our little baby is starting to finally pop a little in my belly (not much – but growing!) but there is now a little firm roundness that is there all day now. this is real!

we are sharing the news tonight with our family – i ordered some cookies from our local bakery with some (pink or blue) icing to reveal our secret. we figured since we didn’t really get to surprise everyone with a pregnancy announcement, it would be fun to do a little something special to share the gender (everyone in our family knows my cycle and walks on pins and needles when i’m in the midst of a cycle to know if i started my period or not…so the word was out pretty fast that we were pregnant).

plus, it’s sort of fun that we have this little secret to ourselves for a couple days.

and, the icing on the cookie…we THINK we’ve agreed on a name!


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