it’s a

baby blue cookies to announce our baby boy!


baby k is a boy and we are thrilled. my husband hasn’t wiped the grin off of his face since we found out on wednesday! we were both shocked…based on the last two ultrasounds we were sure it was a girl (since we couldn’t get a good view of anything otherwise). but we definitely saw something this time!

people have asked me all along what my gut feeling was – boy or girl. until about a week ago, i really had no idea but then i started really feeling like it was a girl. i even had the nursery designed down to the tiniest detail in my head. but, i am JUST as happy with a baby boy. i will happily put my girl nursery in a folder (and hopefully pull it out down the road!) and revisit the boy ideas i have — orange, gray, lots of animal hides. can’t wait! but, more than the decor and physical things, i am so excited about the bond i’ve heard develops between a mother and her son. my friends with sons are so happy i will get to experience this unbelievable, indescribable bond. i cannot wait.

and, i know my husband would have been just as happy with a little girl, but there is something so amazing for a man to have their firstborn as a little boy — i cannot wait to watch him teach our little boy how to be a man.

baby boy k…we can’t wait to meet you!! but, we want you to keep growing for at least another 21-22 weeks.

for now, you will find me on pinterest in the “boy nursery” world.

oh, and all my pregnant girlfriends in louisville are having girls…so there is now someone for them to flirt with in our group!


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