20 down, 20 to go

today (well, technically tomorrow) we reach our biggest milestone yet — we’re at the halfway point! we have just 20 more weeks to prepare for our baby boy bundle of joy. i can only hope the next 20 are as friendly to me and my body as the first 20 have been. below is a little preview of my pregnancy progression and 20 week status. i’m really starting to feel pregnant (finally!)…let’s hope it continues to be easy!

5 weeks

19 week photo

definitely some changes!

here’s a little recap:

how far along: 20 weeks
size: small cantaloupe
baby belly: a mini belly!
weight gain: not sure — will find out wednesday at 20 week appt
clothing: still fit in normal clothes but they are much tighter and i have a mini belly popping out. i’ve been trying to wear bigger flowy things (with a few exceptions of some things i want to “squeeze” in -no pun intended- a time or two more before i no longer can.) my clothing of choice is leggings, tanks and cardigans topped off with a huge furry vest. a furry vest can cover a multitude of sins!
cravings: horseradish hummus with edamame rice crackers, dark chocolate sea salt covered almonds and pomegranate greek yogurt (all Trader Joe’s — hence many trips to Lou/Nashville!). and, my dinner go to: beets, goat cheese and quinoa all stirred up together. yum!
aversions: none really. other than icing still (i had a cake ball this weekend and it sorta made me sick…which is funny b/c i can polish off a pound of dove chocolates without blinking an eye)
pitfalls: heartburn, letting myself get too full, major right pelvis/groin round ligament paint (it’s cramping my workout style big time this past week), crazy emotional swings (note to self: don’t go see “extremely loud / incredibly close” again).
activity: up until this past week, i’ve been exercising as normal (with some modifications), but this week i really started hurting a lot in the right groin area. so, i’m taking a few days off running and hoping that helps. i’ve continued barre / pilates as those (so far) don’t bother it like running/walking do. i’m really hoping i can stay active as it makes me feel sane.
things i love: we picked a name!!!! and, he is kicking like crazy now. we can both feel him. he is a busy boy for sure and it’s a constant blessing.
things i miss: champagne, sushi and my endurance to make it through the day and still have something left at night (i am officially lame and have become a homebody!)
nursery status: none. i change my mind every day!! so many awesome boy nursery ideas.

we are headed to hawaii for our babymoon (and a conference for my husband) this saturday. i plan on lots of beach lounging, hiking (hoping this round ligament pain will ease up!), sightseeing, and yummy hawaiian meals (shaved ice and pineapple!). looking forward to a week of sunshine, rest and relaxation before our baby boy joins our life.


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