i want to run

i am slightly annoyed with my body right now. i want to begin by stating the obvious…i am extremely thankful and blessed to be 20+ weeks pregnant right now. that i will never forget. and we had an excellent 20 week appt today (baby k is right on track) so another deep sigh of relief (until the next appt). but, i also need to vent for a moment…

so far this pregnancy has been a breeze. to be honest, i’ve felt better most days pregnant that i did when i was jacked up on all the hormone drugs that helped me get here. i’ve pretty much been able to continue with my normal life…up until now.

i have been active for as long as i remember. i danced when i was little and all through high school, remained active in college (to keep the beer/pizza pounds at bay) and since college have been constantly addicted to working out. exercise is my happy place. i especially love to run (along with barre and pilates).

for a while when trying to conceive, i had to really cut back on running…it can mess up your hormones and it was just too hard on my body. but, after getting pregnant i was able to go back to it, and even found that it was something i enjoyed more than i had for several years. it made me feel normal (and, a little too much information probably, but it helped keep me “normal” too with a little help from fiber-one cereal).

anyway, in the past two weeks i’ve started experiencing some pretty intense right groin round ligament pain. apparently this is pretty normal and due to all the ligaments stretching so baby k can fit in my belly. well, it HURTS! and, it’s seriously cramping my running style. for a week or so i powered through with some warm rice bags and Tylenol (not too much — i promise). but last week it hurt so much that i was laid up for 2 hours post run. not good. so, i’m taking some time off running which is driving me bonkers. fortunately (so far) i have been able to continue barre classes/video and even the dreaded elliptical (hate that thing) as those don’t hurt the way running does. a little discomfort but nothing unbearable.

yesterday i was feeling brave and strong and decided to hit the treadmill to test my “rested” groin out — 1/2 a mile in and i was limping. off to the elliptical i went (ugh). i’m really hoping this is just a stage and will go away in the next couple weeks. meanwhile, i’ll be finding other ways to continue to feel “normal” including reacquainting myself with the yucky elliptical.

but, even if it lasts the remaining <20 weeks, i will still be thankful that i will continue to remind myself of the beautiful thing happening in my life right now and the reason for this pain. Healthy baby k is worth it.

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