i have (sort of – as much as i can) checked out of reality this week. we are officially babymooning! right before we found out our last IUI worked, we were in the midst of planning a ski trip. just before we pulled the trigger, we found out we were pregnant so the ski trip took the back burner (a good problem to have)! my one request was for us to please go somewhere warm to spend a few days to “check out” before this baby boy arrives and rocks our world. so, here we are in paradise — kauai, hawaii and it is blissful.

my husband has a conference here (hence the reason we are somewhere so amazing) so he’s had a few obligations but nothing too taxing. otherwise our week has been nothing but bliss. i researched the island before arriving (shocking, i know) but we really had only loose plans of things/areas we wanted to cover. you see, we are NOT “go-go-go-go-go” vacation people. we don’t do well on a strict activity schedule and thank goodness we are alike in that. we definitely “fly by the seat of our pants” when it comes to vaca (which is so strange for my normally overplanned ocd personality). so we haven’t done nearly all the things available on the island (it would take many visits and there are many things off limits due to my status of “expecting”) but we have definitely had an amazing trip and experienced so much of the beautiful culture, as well as had some much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation time.

so far there has been PLENTY of sleep (9pm bedtime every night – yes please!); lots of yummy food – banana “ice cream”, TONS of fresh pineapple (I might have a problem), yummy fish and great sushi (don’t freak — i abstained from the unbelievable raw assortment that had me drooling); several ocean sunrises; whale watching; beach pilates; hidden beach excursions; lots of island exploration and a wonderful amount of together time. we’ve driven our pimped out (ha!) neon blue convertible mustang all over this island (including a wee bit of off-roading hence why it’s covered in mud!) with the top down and music loud. this place and this vacation are pure bliss.

as we enter the downhill slope of this so far nearly perfect vacation (nearly only b/c our luggage was delayed a day which gave me major anxiety), my everyday stress and ocd nature is starting to creep up a little. this morning as i “ran” off some stress on the elliptical i found myself making mental to-do lists — agh! “must start/finish nursery”, “must research and complete registries”, “must clean out babies soon-to-be room”, “must tackle crazy next month of work”, “‘must read baby books”, “must plan a friend’s baby shower”, “must schedule some girlfriend time (with both Glasgow, Louisville and Lexington friends alike)”, “must go visit parents”, “must get mop of hair taken care of”, “must find childcare”, “must schedule dinner party at our house”, “must get facial”, etc, etc. my mind won’t stop.

so, i am hoping by writing all this mind-vomit down, i can put it aside until next week. we have three full days until we venture back to the real world and i sure as hell don’t want to spend it worrying about/working on any of the above. i’ll have plenty of sleepless nights at home to worry about/tackle these!

i’ll leave you with a few pics. next time we’ll be here with baby boy!







2 thoughts on “babymoon!

  1. […] enough for me. but, the trip was 100% worth it. i hope to recap some more of it later (i did a bit here) — it was the perfect trip / babymoon. a perfect balance of relaxation, adventure, […]

  2. mandy says:

    i love the couple hands baby bump picture!!!! can’t wait to catch up and hear all about it. xoxo

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