22 week update

22 weeks and still going strong!

well, “strong” might be the wrong word to use today. we arrived home last night after 30 hours of nonstop travel — kauai to oahu (for day trip) back to kauai, then our 18 hour trek home via la/dallas/nashville and finally home. i had approximately 10 hours of sleep in two days which is not nearly enough for me. but, the trip was 100% worth it. i hope to recap some more of it later (i did a bit here) — it was the perfect trip / babymoon. a perfect balance of relaxation, adventure, exploration, sun and couple time.

it really hit me on the way home that we are in the homestretch. yeah, we still have 18 weeks to go, but that’s all.

18 weeks.
weeks fly by.

i guess it’s time to really tackle this nursery, registry, etc.! my to-do list today has been extreme (a shock to everyone who knows me, i’m sure) but i did want to squeeze in a quite 22 week update blog post. here we go…

here’s a little recap:

how far along: 22 weeks
size: papaya (ironic since i ate a ton of this and pineapple in hawaii!)
baby belly: the belly is poppin’ for sure (moreso at night). i rocked a monokini most of the week but on the last day busted out my bikini to get some sun on my growing belly. here’s a little snapshot:). the funny dark spot above my protruding bellybutton is a tan line from my other suit!

bikini bell pic!

weight gain: not sure — somewhere around 8-10lbs i think
clothing: getting tighter. i was able to wear “normal” clothes on the trip but made a point to hold my belly some so people would know my expanding midline is a baby and not just vacation overindulgence! it’s certainly noticeable now.
cravings: horseradish hummus and dark chocolate are still definitely making a strong appearance, but while in hawaii i seriously ate a TON of fresh pineapple. i cannot even express how much i adore fresh pineapple (we even went to the dole plantation!). i really wanted to ship some home but the shipping for two pineapples…$41! hubby nixed that! so, regular grocery store pineapple will have to suffice.
aversions: none really. expect super rich foods sorta gross me out to think about (mainly b/c i know the heartburn that will follow).
pitfalls: round ligament pain still in full effect (on/off) and vacation definitely caused some bathroom issues (let’s just say i need to have fiber one for breakfast this week).
activity: as stated above, my groin pain is still present. it was on/off while on vaca — one day during a pretty mild beach hike it KILLED me. but i was able to continue the elliptical and pilates while away. so, at least i can still sweat! looking forward to barre classes this week for sure. sweating feels SO good.
things i love: feeling baby k kick…it never gets old. never.
things i miss: i definitely missed cocktails on vacation — champagne, white wine, maybe even a fruity beach drink. i managed to fill my craving with my new favorite mocktail: soda water, splash of pineapple juice and lime. not quite the same as a champagne cocktail, but it will do in a pinch!
nursery status: none. the time has come for me to tackle. still not 100% (or even 80%) on the direction, but i did rack up some sky miles today by purchasing some fun accessories (furry bean bag, chevron rug, white frames, changing table orange tray!).
the best part about coming home from vacation: picking up our sweet pups from “camp”! they were so excited to see us and we’ve definitely been spoiling them a little today. 🙂

a little memory from vaca…


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