a first

well, today i had a first…

and lots of fun.

today was a long (awesome) day of pampering and play — a road trip to Louisville complete with a barre class (have to fit that in when i’m in town!), lunch with fertility crew (so awesome to catch up @ my favorite lunch spot in louisville), a manicure (which i managed to mess up in a mere 15 minutes), a much needed hair cut/color (amazing how much better that can make you feel!), a big trader joe’s run (never go there hungry — oops — grocery budget blown but lots of yummies), and take out veggie sushi (continued major craving). and now, cozied up on the couch with the hubby at my side and pups at our feet. awesome start to a (hopefully) long, relaxing weekend!

oh, and i had a first today!

while checking out at trader joe’s, the man asked me when i was due. this is the first stranger to notice/verbalize my pregnancy! i guess baby k is now officially starting to pop out and look like a baby instead of just a too-many-beers expanding belly. he laughed when I said that:). anyway, it is good to know that I look pregnant and not just like i’ve over-indulged/stopped exercising!

i guess it continues from here. welcome baby belly…almost 23 weeks and counting!

have a great weekend, all. i’ll sign off with a funny picture my hubby took. he actually commented on how much he liked my hair tonight (wow — that never happens!)….but then he laughed at me when i put on my harry potter iwood eyeglasses (which I happen to adore!). he doesn’t appreciate fashion.



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