nursery inspiration

i love, love to decorate. whether it’s our home, a party, myself, whatever — I just adore putting together inspired looks using unique finds (love thrift shops and etsy!), combined with my parents basement treasures (clothing and furniture alike!), combined with newer items (west elm, anthropologie and ikea are a few faves). there is something so satisfying about creating a look that is one of a kind and meaningful to me. sometimes i consider going into a profession of interior design/styling, but at the end of the day, i enjoy it more as a hobby for myself using the things/looks that i love (i don’t know how well i could keep my mouth zipped about ideas i didn’t like if i were working for someone!).

so, you can imagine my excitement when i realized another amazing perk to our baby boy is the chance to design a nursery. of course, for a while we were convinced baby k was a girl and i had a baby girl nursery designed from top to bottom in my head (don’t worry, I’ve filed it away for the future!). boys aren’t quite as easy — at least not for me. i knew i didn’t want a “theme” of any sort — no bears, sailors, trains, etc. no classic blue (or red – sorry hubby no UL cardinal themed nursery). there is nothing wrong with such cuteness, it’s just not my cup of tea. i knew i wanted it sleek and clean but with a vintage, boyish feel. Pinterest has been both my best friend and enemy during this (link here — I have two boards and countless “likes” involving baby stuff). but I think (think!) i’ve finally landed on the direction.

i don’t want to give it all away yet — and it most certainly could change once it starts to come together. but the general idea is a dark gray, crisp white and goldish tan room — vintage and rustic accents with lots of white furry accessories too.

i ordered the crib, rocking chair, ottoman, lamp, beanbag (it’s furry — oh yeah!), artwork, etc today. we already purchased the dresser / changing table. so, we now have all the pieces ordered and soon they’ll be rolling in! and, the best news, i’m under budget thanks to going with a steal of a crib (well on the big ticket items at least — accessories don’t count, right?!). the next big step is to tackle the accent wall. here’s a sneak peak of the wall…we’re going to try to do it ourselves (which i realize could be a total disaster). i love that in the tutorial it says it can be done for $60 and 5 hours. i’m willing to bet big bucks we will exceed both of these estimations.

regardless, we’re excited to get started on baby boy’s abode. more details soon!


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