23 (and 1/2) week update

i’m a little late this week…it’s been insane (another post coming on that soon — hopefully today). but, in the middle of the insanity, we reached 23 weeks! baby boy is growing, moving and doing his thing. i simply cannot believe how fast it’s flying by — part of me wants it to slow down a little so i can catch my breath, but the other part of me is ready for this part to be over. come on 16.5 more weeks…i want to meet baby boy and i want to feel normal again!

here’s a little recap:

how far along: 23 weeks
size: large mango (yum — i’ve been eating a lot of this recently!)
baby belly: it’s here. it’s still not always noticeable (to others) but i most certainly have a belly. i think he is growing vertically though (i read this somewhere) because i feel like he’s growing up vs. out — my “belly” seems to start under my bra line and is very gradual.
weight gain: still not sure (don’t own scale). i would guess around 10-12lbs. will know at appt next week.
clothing: wardrobe is starting to diminish. i’m at that odd phase still — do i try to wear looser clothes and hide it, or do i wear skin tight and rock-the-bump? i love the rock-the-bump look, but i’m not sure mine completely looks like a pregnancy bump yet. work clothes are becoming especially limited — the one-hour cleaners and i are becoming best friends so i can rewear the few pencil skirts that still work. oh, and note to self, 5″ heels for 14 hour work day are no longer the best idea. ouch. oh, and pretty sure i need to purchase some maternity clothes. they are so freaking ugly though (business idea number 412).
cravings: Trader Joe’s sea salt chocolate covered almonds. crack. pure crack. for once, i’m thankful TJ is over an hour away so i can’t continue to polish off a container in 2 days. in other news, i’m majorly craving fruit of any kind.
aversions: for the most part, i think my aversions have subsided. mexican is still on my ban list for now (and possibly forever). oh, and the smell of bacon (i don’t eat it anyway but smelled it cooking at a restaurant a few days ago and was totoally grossed out). yuck. and, i felt like i smelled like bacon all day.
pitfalls: a few (ha!): 1. raging hormones/emotional swings. i’ve been a mess the past few days…moreso than normal. 2. extremes – if something use to irritate me, now it is beyond acceptable. 3. round ligament pain has subsided a little (thanks to no running). but, i did run a mile yesterday (in between elliptical workout — the treadmill was looking at me!). 4. exhaustion is back. apparently i am remaining pretty steady throughout this pregnancy — i felt pretty ok during first trimester and feel basically the same (a little less tired) now. the 2nd trimester “amazing feeling” hasn’t really happened — i’m still exhausted (of course, i don’t really sleep well or slow down — so probably my fault!). but, i’ll take this over the extremes any day!
things i love: seeing baby k kick! i can see my belly move now sometimes! and, still just feeling him moving inside of me. there is nothing like that feeling to put things into perspective when i’m having a rough patch during the day.
things i miss: my closet. feeling good about my body. cocktails.
nursery status: in process! crib, rocker, etc. ordered this past weekend and things starting to arrive (ups man be warned!). and, my favorite purchase, kid-sized ghost chairs!

kid-sized ghost chairs. need i say more?!

low point of week: toss up: either 1) my breakdown/meltdown 2) chasing griff all the way down our street at 9pm at night in my 5″ heels and skirt (while screaming after him — think very quiet street) after arriving home from a long day. damn dog! 3. looking at yet another victoria’s secret magazine — while eating chocolate covered almonds — not a good idea when you are expanding and feel not-so-awesome about your body!

cheers to another week. all in all, i cannot complain. life is good and we are blessed.

a few pics…

23.5 weeks (and growing)

23.5 weeks -- belly popping!


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