wow is really all i can say.

i have been a major, royal BITCH for the past week. i am moody, tired, irritable, annoyed, anxious, bloated, (insert any other emotional feeling), all the time. well, maybe not all the time, but certainly a lot more than usual. up until now, i think things have gone pretty smoothly with no major mood swings outside of the occasional tearfest. but this…this is a whole new level of crazy. you know it’s bad when you recognize your own insanity (yet still keep doing it!).

and, i owe a huge apology to my husband because he is bearing the brunt of it. that’s how it works — you vent and dump on those you care most about. little things that have never before bothered me (or at least not bothered me enough to verbalize) have all the sudden become insurmountable annoyances. let me tell you, i have picked more than one fight in the past week or so. i nearly went crazy on a car in front of me at the bank yesterday because they were taking way too long. and, i bitched pk out for chomping wintergreen mints (i’ll spare you the details — it was bad).

i guess baby boy is really starting to do a number on my emotions. he’s certainly taking over my body physically — there is no more camouflaging the bump — it’s popped.

the good news? i HAVE to do some retail therapy in order to purchase some clothes that don’t make me look ridiculous (my last work pencil skirt was retired yesterday and i wore a maternity dress — that could have sparked one of the outbursts!). anyway, i have a valid excuse to shop right now. unfortunately, we have zero options in this town (don’t get me started on that rampage today…again) but my ipad, credit card and i have been busy the last few nights scouring the internet for fashionable maternity wear (limited options — let me tell you). a few of my favorites — pea in the pod, hatch and isabel and ingred. oh, and shop bop has some good finds (not just maternity but things that will work!). i’m seriously considering a post-baby business venture of a fashionable, affordable, accessible maternity line. it’s very tragic.

off to shop!


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