the little things

tomorrow i’ll give you a 24 (.5) week status update, but in the meantime a few pics from my busy day that included some happy things too. i’m really trying to embrace enjoying the little things and not “sweat the small stuff”. that’s my goal this week.

breakfast (and my new all time favorite yogurt). i recommend getting this asap.

Trader Joe's vanilla bean greek yogurt. wow. get it NOW.

snack (i can’t help it — i just cannot get enough. i could eat these for 3 meals a day). and, i’m not the only one who thinks this…read more.

yum yum yum. i cannot get enough.

relaxation! i guess i should take it as a sign that i have been overly moody when my husband recommended i get a massage today. he ENCOURAGED me to spend money. (and finally something non-food related!).

prenatal massage. yes. happy times.

retail therapy love.
i came home to a package from shopbop! what’s not to love — free shipping, free returns and fabulous frocks. my two recent purchases/loves. technically not maternity clothing but stretchy (and cuter)!

love this and a great dress for a baby bump!

love. this. dress. cannot wait to wear!

now off to watch some revenge with my hubby. lovely end to a long/busy (but also happy!) day. embrace the small things my friends.

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