(nearly) 25 week update

this weekend i am feeling especially thankful and blessed.

first, a very dear friend had her baby last night. it seems like only yesterday she was down here visiting me and i “sniffed” out her pregnancy (remember the pregnancy radar) when she was merely a few weeks pregnant (pretty sure i knew shortly after her husband did!). we’ve been able to share this amazing, first-time experience together and i can’t imagine it any other way. being pregnant and having a child on the way is a blessing…doing it alongside of one of my very best friends makes the experience that much more amazing and memorable. we’ve laughed together, cried together and shared lots of cravings together (damn sea salt chocolate anything). we’ve bitched about our bodies changing (all in good humor), laughed about maternity clothes, been amazed by our hormonal outbursts, sweated through barre classes, planned nurseries and maternity shopped together. it’s been surreal. and now, their little blessing has arrived. i couldn’t be happier for her as they enter the next chapter together as a family and we get to enter the next chapter of raising kids together (in a few months). oh, and our kids will be boyfriend/girlfriend since she had a little girl!

second, kentucky was hit very hard by devastating storms yesterday. many lost their lives, their homes and their belongings. i can’t help but get emotional about this as i wonder why some people are so fortunate to have escaped the tragedy unscathed (with only the minor inconveniences of power outages and turned over garbage cans) while others find themselves at rock bottom with nothing. my heart and thoughts go out to these families and i will not forget for a moment how blessed i am.

now that my emotions are out there, i can provide a little glimpse of how 25 weeks is treating me.

how far along: 25 weeks (on monday)
size: corn on the cob (such a strange comparison). he’s a little over a pound!
baby belly: no denying the belly. and i’m okay with that. finally (when i wear tight things) i look pregnant and not just thicker.
weight gain: i would guess around 11-12 pounds (it was about 10lbs a week and half ago). i ended up not having my 24 week appointment since i had to go in the week prior for a uti (bummer). i’ll be doing the gestational diabetes test at my 28 week appointment now. i have to say, i wasn’t too sad about getting to skip it this week!
clothing: let’s just say this week has included quite a bit of online maternity shopping and a few trips to target for maternity tanks and such. problem is, i am quite picky when it comes to clothes and, of course, the cute maternity things are usually super $$. oh well. i’m still rocking my normal jeans/leggings/dresses…just having to get a little closet creative and mixing/matching. i did purchase two pair of colored skinny jeans (couldn’t help it) from target just in bigger sizes — hoping i can make those work for a while so i don’t have to drop $200 on a pair of jeans that i will only wear for a couple months. i’ve also purchased some great maxi dresses (maternity and not). and, i’ve scooped up every XS/S short black knit dress at target for work (thanks mom for scouring lexington target too!). the hardest thing is that i LOVE spring fashions and it’s killing me that i can’t rock the cute mini dresses/shorts/skirts etc. soon enough, i know. something to work for once baby k pops out!
cravings: pretty much the same. i want chocolate (sea salt/chocolate is preference but any dark chocolate will do) and fruit. lots and lots and lots of fruit. i am so excited about summer fruits around the corner!
pitfalls: a few (ha!): well, i admitted earlier this week here and here that there have been some rough patches recently. i’m very hormonal and moody. and tired.
things i love: i love that my belly actually looks like a pregnant belly and not just a beer belly anymore.
things i miss: 1. feeling good about my body. 1. being able to throw on clothes and know they will fit. 3. having no control over my emotional outbursts.
nursery status: still in process! the ups man loves me (or hates me right now) — things are starting to role in. we are hoping to tackle this once back from nyc! and, i plan on doing a little additional nursery shopping up there. 🙂
low point of week: toss up: i think i covered this in my two previous posts this week!

we leave tuesday for another little getaway! we are headed to DC (to visit my aunt/uncle) and then NYC for the long weekend. i’m looking forward to some fun shopping, big east ballgames (for my hubby — and the main reason we’re going!), wandering our favorite city one last time before baby k arrives, taking a couple of prenatal physique 57 classes and pinkberry! i have a laundry list of places to go / things to do while there, but i hope it’s actually quite relaxing too (room service / spa time – yes please). stress has been at an all time high in our household so another getaway will be nice.

current photos:

24.5 week photo


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