27 week update (and some overdue updates!)

where to even begin…life has been nothing short of TOO busy the past few weeks. lots of work, lots of play, lots of travel, lots of fun, lots of everything…except for rest.

first, we spent a week in NYC for the big east tourney a couple weeks ago. as my husband says, it was his babymoon (while mine was hawaii). we had a blast — went to ballgames (more than we thought since UL ended up winning!), tooled around our all time favorite city (still working on hubby to move there — NOW), went to 2 physique 57 classes (amazing!!), did some baby shopping (american apparel and h&m baby clothes are too cute!), lots of frozen yogurt (addiction — see below) and all-in-all had an absolute blast. and prior to meeting my husband in nyc for a long weekend, i visited my fabulous aunt and uncle in d.c. for a couple days. i completely intended on posting on all of the fun we had there too, but again, with the crazy schedule/pace of life, it just didn’t happen. but we had a blast. d.c. is another town i would move to in the blink of an eye (right next on the to nyc)…and my aunt and uncle being there is an added benefit. we did lots of city exploring, enjoyed yummy food (great chocolate store!) and company. in addition to some great baby and interior home design store visits in d.c., we managed to squeeze in some lovely meals and culture too. :). and, i finally got to go to a giggle store — babies r us is now dead to me!

upon returning to reality last sunday night, we embarked on a whirlwind week of work. both of us were swamped — i worked every day (not cool but sometimes it just happens like that even when i’m “part time”) and burned up the road. i did manage to squeeze in some friend time wednesday night when i had an overnight in louisville and friday to get some snuggle time with my friend’s new baby. oh, and i had a doctor’s appointment which was good/bad (i am scarred from fruit punch for the rest of my life after the gestational diabetes test).

today, i am supposed to be back in louisville for another friend’s baby shower. however, my body has decided to tell me otherwise. after a couple of non-stop weeks, it is done. i. needed. rest. i fought it tooth and nail, but upon my doctor and husbands suggestions, i finally gave in and have spent the entire morning in bed. it’s nearly noon and i am still in bed. this might be a record for me (at least since college days). but, it’s a perfect opportunity to catch up on some blogging, dvr, magazines and (what i’m most excited about), NESTING!

so, that pretty much brings me up to date. below are some updates on baby boy. he has been VERY busy too!

how far along: 27 weeks tomorrow
size: hot house cucumber (?) — 15″ and over 2lbs!
weight gain: well, due to the above pace/schedule, my weight plateaued since my last visit. dr. wasn’t too happy with that and wants me to up the weight gain by next visit. problem is, my belly gets full so much faster now. i’m use to eating voluminous foods (fruits, veggies, grains, etc.) and now i get uncomfortably full faster. since my appointment i’ve been bumping up the snacks with lots of pistachios, almonds (plain and sea salt chocolate covered!) and smoothies. the belly is in full force though — he is big and getting bigger. from week 24 to 26 (see below) he made his appearance in a big way!
clothing: i finally caved and bought not one, but two pair of maternity jeans and i must admit — they ROCK! i bought a super cute pair of white skinny seven maternity jeans that are adorable at pea in the pod. love them and have busted them out several times (i don’t abide by fashion rules of no white before easter — that’s just crazy talk). and, while in nyc i visited h&m to scope out their maternity stuff. i must admit, it’s a bit lackluster (a lot lackluster) but i did score some great black maternity jeggings and a denim shirt as well as a few cute non-maternity items. and, baby boy got some cute stuff too! i can’t help myself — baby boy clothes are too cute! with merely 13 weeks (or less) remaining, i am really hoping to make do with some creative closet work for the rest of the time. i can still fit in a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes (some of them just look funny) so i’m just going to try and stretch it out to the end!
cravings: let’s see — they’ve sort of been all over the place. if we didn’t live in the middle of nowhere, i would be eating frozen yogurt EVERY SINGLE DAY (and likely would have gained double the amount of weight). i have been obsessed with it recently. i think i ate it every day in nyc and actually drove 30 minutes down the road yesterday to get some to bring home/refreeze (it’s super yummy refrozen!). and, of course, sea salt chocolate almonds are still a front runner along with pineapple and mangos (and any fruit really). and, smoothies have been tasting amazing to me as of late. it’s funny that now toward the end of my pregnancy i want sweeter things (still not icing/baked goods – yuck), while at the beginning i wanted mainly savory/salty. it’s actually making me hungry to type this so i may go whip myself up a smoothie now!
pitfalls: feeling 100% rundown and overwhelmed in the past week. i cannot believe i am 13 weeks from my due date and we don’t have the nursery together, a car seat purchased, registry finished, etc. i am such a planner typically and this STRESSES me out!
things i love: i love, love, love watching my belly move when he kicks. he gets super active around 5pm and continues through the night. it is awesome. actually, he is having a kickball tourney in my belly right now!
things i miss: same as before really. i miss my energy. i know it’s been a crazy few weeks/months (and i do that to myself) but my body can’t handle it like it use to and that’s hard to accept. i am really missing running right now too…it’s so gorgeous outside and a long, fresh air run sounds divine. the elliptical does not. i also sort of miss my best friend being pregnant…she had her baby (along with 3 other friends!) in the past few weeks. we still text/talk all the time but now she has entered the next chapter — i want to be there! soon enough, i know. and, geez, i want a glass (or 3) of champagne.
nursery status: still in process! our crib has arrived (pic below which was the BEST baby gift ever!!!), rocker has arrived, lots of miscellaneous “extras” have arrived. painter is coming mid april and then we can start setting it all up! i cannot wait and hope to have it all finished by the end of april.
low point of week: gestational diabetes test — blah! i passed (thank goodness) but that fruit punch stuff is just not right. why can’t they just let you drink a coke or pound a king size snickers?

so, that’s where we are! baby boy is moving right along nad time is flying. hoping this “rest” day will give me lots of energy to power through the next week with stronger endurance than last. here are a few pics from the previous weeks adventures…and my big belly pic!

belly out!

this seriously happened in a week!
this seriously happened in a week!

just a comparison to 24 weeks…seriously!

Go Cards — celebrating at the UL pep rally in NYC!
Go Cards!! At the pep rally in NYC!

snuggles/cuddles with my best friend’s new little girl!
cuddles / snuggles with my best friend's new baby girl!

our crib! best. baby. gift. ever!


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