a different kind of st patty’s day

meant to post this yesterday, so act like it’s still 3/17 for a brief moment.


8 years ago today my husband and I got engaged.

2 years ago today, our sweet boy griff was born (happy birthday big slobbery bubba!).

3 months (or less!) from today, our family will grow by one with the addition of baby boy Klapheke.

so, as you can see, st. patrick’s day has had held a special place in my heart for many years. it always seems to be a day of celebration, joy, laughter and reflection. this year was no different in that respect, but it was a different version of celebrating. typically we enjoy this day bar hopping on bardstown road in Louisville with tons of friends (and most of the town!), drinking too much green beer and simply enjoying the sights. this year, that didn’t happen. obviously i’m not in green beer drinking mode currently (although I would kill for some bubbly) and my sweet husband stayed home with me. this meant the world to me. following an overly busy week, it was awesome to have some time at home to accomplish a laundry list of house needs (he power washed our patio and sidewalk — i must admit i was astonished that on a day we typically are drinking lots, he voluntarily skipped out, didn’t watch bball and power washed. who is this man?! apparently one who really loves his baby boy to be. 🙂 we appreciate it daddy! and, as a thank you i made a beer run in the nearby town. i love waddling through the liquor store 6+ months pregnant and getting of stares!

we did manage to fit in some fun last night though — enjoying a birthday party for a friend (that was a combo UK game viewing party!). keep in mind, my husband is a die hard UL fan (our nursery would be red/black/cardinal birds if it were up to him!) and we were in a sea of UK fans. regardless, we had a blast and came home in time to watch UL play (and win!!). all in all, it was an awesome day full of productivity and fun. it was different from our normal st patty’s day madness but nonetheless good times. and, next year we’ll be right back at it with a baby in tow (yes, our baby will be in a bar on st patty’s day!).



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