in an effort to amp up the weight gain AND avoid the over full feeling i now get when eating a voluminous meal, I have been snacking more. i’ve always snacked but typically it’s been fruit and that sort of thing (and i like my chocolate at night!!!) so i’m mixing it up. pistachios, dried mangos and almonds have been top choices as well as smoothies. i can’t seem to get enough yummy cold smoothie goodness. Mmmmm. i’ve actually gotten quite good at creating tasty treats at home (and if this continues I am totally investing in a vitamix!), but there is something so tasty about smoothies made by others. specifically after an awesome barre class this morning, I had the BEST smoothie king treat — their new “lean” smoothie. by lean, they simply mean it’s not one of their 1500 calorie loads that exist– and it’s loaded with lots of fruits/veggies (in the powder), almonds, and protein. I had the vanilla and i’m hooked. of course, now it sucks that along with a frozen yogurt place, we also don’t have a smoothie king in my town. UGH!! oh well. at least that is a perk to my many visits to louisville in the next few months for work!

oh, and a quick stop in trader joe’s resulted in one (or three) more containers of chocolate sea salt almonds. sigh. will i ever get sick of them?!

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