how could it be

how could it be that i have fallen even more in love with our little boy after “seeing” him via a 3D/4D ultrasound today?! it’s true — he is even more real and tangible after seeing his beautiful face and watching the kicks that i feel. granted, he was a tad stubborn (he definitely gets that from daddy…and maybe me too) and kept his hands covering his face about 90% of the time. i basically did everything short of standing on my head to get him to show his face during the appointment (caffeine – check, sugar – check, down dog yoga pose – check, walking – check, some gentle nudges – check). although he tried his best to cover his gorgeous little face, we did get some amazing pictures and video.

i’ve mentioned he’s super active and this seems to be gaining speed…my belly was literally moving the lady’s hand while she was doing the ultrasound today…clearly he was annoyed that we were bugging him. apparently he wanted to nap b/c he kept yawning and rubbing his eyes. he stuck his tongue out a few times, licked the umbilical cord a few times, swallowed a lot, and tried to flip us off (at least that’s what it looked like!), played with his feet, sucked his thumb, etc. he is busy! he also has what appears to be lots of hair (yay!). oh, and, we definitely confirmed he is a HE (good to know now that we’ve gone down that path with name, nursery, etc.!).

it’s hard to believe little man will be here in 13+/- weeks…i can’t wait to snuggle with our son and touch that divine little face!


a little glimpse

and another


One thought on “how could it be

  1. samantha says:

    how stinkin’ beautiful! it’s amazing how much they do inside your belly. and that hair!! how cute! i hope the next few weeks go by so fast and that he’s here before you know it.

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