learning to say no (again)

i am pretty sure this post has occurred before (or something similar). the reality is, i am constantly needing to remind myself to prioritize and learn to say no (at least sometimes).

tomorrow we venture into our 3rd trimester (yea!) and never has the ability to say “no” seemed more important. as i shared in a recent post, life has been nothing short of insane recently. to top off the crazy work travels, fun travels, baby preparation (mental, emotional and physical), etc i decided to increase my work hours AND take on some freelance work at the same time. yes, a normal person would think “wait a minute — i’m 12 weeks out from my due date — perhaps this timing is off”. but, i’m not normal. the thing is, i wanted so badly to do this freelance work (more than my real job) and i let that consume me and make my decision. i completely disregarded the fact that while the job may be perfect, the timing is anything but. so, as my husband, my friends, my family, my doctor, AND my body told me to SLOW down, i was gung ho about it.

and then last week hit me like a ton of bricks. the third trimester exhaustion started setting in.

i also had two friends get put on bed rest (one due a week AFTER me is on bed rest IN the hospital and one due a month before me on modified bed rest at home). this brought me back to reality a bit…or at least gave me a good shake. when i found myself sleepless with anxiety once again friday night, i knew something had to be done. i really, really do not want to end up on bed rest before our baby boy arrives — i have too much to do before that (including starting/finishing his nursery!). so, i did some soul searching and did what i knew in my heart/gut was the right thing — i said no. i made the decision to back off of the freelance work for now (with hopes of starting it back post baby!).

i said no to one thing in order to say yes to my health and my baby boy’s health. our path to get here was not an easy one and i do not want to do anything to risk his health (and my health). priorities…that’s what it’s all about right now.

after making the decision friday night, i took TWO naps on saturday and slept like a baby (no pun intended) saturday night. pretty sure that’s a sign i made the right decision and i know he will be 110% worth it.


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