milestone. THIRD trimester!

somewhere around the 6 week mark of our pregnancy, i put a few milestones in my calendar — second trimester date, third trimester date, due date, etc. that seems like eons ago yet the time keeps flying by and yesterday my friends, we reached our third trimester — 28 weeks. i am officially in my 7th month of pregnancy and that just sounds insane. 12 short weeks to go before baby boy is due to make his arrival (which my doctor seems to think will be more like 11 weeks). gulp.

things are pretty good around here. i’m still feeling really good…i just can’t complain when i’ve seen others with such difficult pregnancies. i’ll be the first to admit, i do not LOVE being pregnant, but i love what it means. so, here’s a summary of my 28th week…

how far along: 28 weeks — THIRD trimester / starting 7th month
size: head of cauliflower — approx 2.25lbs.
weight gain: since my last appointment i’ve been making an extra effort to increase my snacks — especially those high protein. not sure of weight gain (i hate scales and don’t own one) but i definitely think i’m growing…and he certainly is!
clothing: – same as last week — still rocking the leggings, maternity jeans, target skinny colored jeans (in larger size!) and LOTS and LOTS of lululemon. lululemon is genius. i don’t like wearing loose clothes anymore though as it makes me feel like i’m wearing a tent. at least tight clothes make it obvious i’m growing a baby. bit
cravings:: smoothies and frozen yogurt have topped my list recently. sadly, we don’t have a smoothie king OR any sort of frozen yogurt place in our tiny town. sigh. that has sucked. but, i’ve been making lots of smoothies at home. and lots of dark chocolate. and lots of almond butter.
pitfalls: i had a major anxiety attack last week …just a bit overwhelmed with fitting in prepping for a baby when we are never home. and, heartburn/overfull feeling is back with a vengeance. what use to be a normal size meal for me, now leaves me feeling so overly stuffed. so, mini meals are making an appearance.
things i love: same as before — i love, love feeling/watching him kick. it is simply amazing. i also love that he now seems so real. he will be here in <12 weeks. that makes me smile! i also love that we call him by his name all the time now…he's a little man in there (and an active one at that!)
things i miss: i. want. a. cocktail. oh, and i really want to shop all these awesome spring fashions that will no longer fit/look right on my belly.
nursery status: ugh – sore subject. no more progress. starting to freak out and hoping to at least get the roomed cleaned out this weekend.
low point of week: more than a few emotional outbursts. sorry honey.

as we enter this last leg, i can only hope that baby boy is as good to me and my body as he was the first two trimesters (thank you!). i realize some of the above statements are a little on the negative side, but the fact is i feel so overly fortunate and blessed to be in this place today. it actually brings tears to my eyes to even think about it. a year ago this time, i was in a very, very dark and hopeless place. today, i am “great” with child. i am forever thankful and will take the heartburn, expanding belly, diminishing closet, emotional outbursts and numerous bathroom trips any day b/c of what i know it means.

i love you little man and cannot wait to snuggle with you soon. meanwhile, keep “cooking” for at least 10 more weeks!

pics to come later!


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