close enough?

well, I’ve mentioned more than once that i am more than frustrated with the lack of options in a small town. while pregnant, this has become increasingly annoying (what i wouldn’t give for a target and panera — is that really too much to ask?!). anyway, look what i found at the evil store today (yes, I sucked it up and went to Walmart — it happens on occasion when we NEED basics like toothpaste, almond milk, paper towels — sigh). anyway, one of my major cravings has been frozen yogurt…you know the pinkberry/tcby/cefiore/red mango soft serve crack. of course, nothing remotely near that exists in our town (the closest thing is 35 miles down the road and yes I have driven there just to get it). i’ve been reading about tcby’s new supermarket frozen yogurt and ben & jerry’s Greek frozen yogurt. assuming it was a far stretch for either of these to make it to our town, i was shocked and happily surprised to find BOTH today!! it’s definitely no replacement for pinkberry, but in a pinch it may just work. i’ll share my verdict after sampling.




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