a lovely weekend (with a side of protein)

this weekend was pretty great…

– lots of down time friday and friday night (walk with friend & dogs/movie/couch/chocolate = check)
– lots of productivity and progress on “nesting” and nursery prep (thanks to my awesome hubby the nursery is now about 90% cleaned out and ready to be painted. this is huge!)
– a wonderful birthday / engagement celebration dinner (you know who you are — but i’m waiting for you to share the news first!)
– an awesome day-trip / shopping excursion to cincinnati with my mama (ikea, h&m, trader joe’s and frozen yogurt. perfect).

it was nearly perfection (and a little exhaustion).

i say “nearly” only because UL lost the battle of the bluegrass. such sadness but we played hard and, quite frankly, shouldn’t have been there to begin with! we still love our cardinals in this house! and baby boy will definitely be a cardinal fan!

UL fan in the making

UL fan in the making

as far as the “protein” portion of this post — i am majorly craving it. this is one craving i am pretty sure i should not deny either. i’ve been reading a lot about the development at this phase of pregnancy and brain development is definitely in the works right now. so, omega 3’s and protein are super important. i don’t know if i read that first or the cravings came first, but either way, i want it and apparently i need it. so, i’m focusing on really bumping up the protein and trying to get it at every meal. greek yogurt, protein bars and protein powder smoothies are staples, but i’m also trying to make sure and get a lot of chicken, fish, chia seeds and eggs with omega 3’s to meet his needs. i know it’s not all about what i “want” to eat and more about what i “need” to eat for him right now. although frozen yogurt and chocolate covered sea salt almonds won’t be leaving my diet anytime soon, my goal is to really bump up the nutrient factor in what i’m taking in at every meal. there seems to be less room in my growing belly for large meals right now, so getting the “good” stuff is key. and, i will always, always make room for chocolate (i use to tell my mom there is a separate stomach for dessert — i’m still convinced this may be true!).

so, for dinner, while i really want homemade pizza with my hubby, i’m going to instead have something a little more protein/nutrient dense. the sacrifices. 🙂


One thought on “a lovely weekend (with a side of protein)

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