29 week update

i swear, i feel like i do these updates more frequently than weekly but i guess that just indicates how time is FLYING by right now. i blink and another week has passed me by. of course, the upside to that is that i’ll be snuggling with baby boy in just 10-11 weeks.

i. can’t. wait.

here is an update of where we are right now. i’m too lazy to copy/paste my “update” template from another post so i’m gonna wing it.

week: 29 weeks
baby size: 15.25″, 2.5lbs and the size of a butternut squash! no wonder i have no room in my belly
weight gain: still not sure. doctor appt. next week so i’ll know then. but, i can tell you it’s starting to pack on. my stomach is bigger every single day.
activity & things i love: he is a busy bee all the time, but he gets especially active in the evenings (really, really hoping that isn’t a sign of things to come!). last night we were laying in bed poking on my belly and getting him all excited and jumpy. it’s hysterical to see my stomach move and bounce. he most certainly reacts to music and my husband’s voice. and, i just still love the feeling so much. i also love the way my husband looks at my belly right now — with complete adoration and love. i’ll catch him smiling while looking at my belly when i’m getting ready for bed and it makes my heart fill with happiness. it also amazes me how i can be so madly in love with someone i’ve never met or touched — i am so hopelessly in love with our little boy already that it hurts. i can’t imagine the feeling once he arrives.
things i am ready to do without: headaches (i seem to wake up with one pretty much every day). sleepless nights (despite how exhausted i am, i cannot fall or stay asleep very well). between peeing 3-4x (which is no longer the easy task of “hopping” out of bed), being thirsty, being hungry (middle of the night snacks are key) or just a random spurt of insomnia, sleeping has not been very good over here. i know, i know — this is just preparing me for things to come! i’m also really over the super full feeling in i get when eating a normal size meal. and, least i forget, my MEMORY! geez, it’s gone.
cravings: let’s see — pretty much the same i think. as i shared earlier this week, i’ve really been working on bumping up my protein intake (which could also be why i’m SO much fuller all the time). i’m also obsessed with edamame right now. and dried apple chips. and chocolate. lots and lots of chocolate.
aversions: still the same. i am beginning to think i will never eat cake/icing again (who am i?!). at a birthday dinner saturday night i thought i might want it and then i saw it and definitely thought otherwise. something about it makes me seriously nauseated. but, i came home and had a massive sea salt caramel chocolate bar from trader joe’s so no worries…i did not miss dessert!
nursery: it’s clean! well, at least a lot closer. painting happens in a couple weeks. yea!!
nesting: it has KICKED in for sure. drawers, cabinets, closets — you name it, i want to organize it. our garbage can currently looks like we’re moving. it’s so refreshing!
looking forward to: we start our childbirth classes next week which i’m really excited about. i am nervous that i still don’t know (well, remember) cpr and haven’t had a lesson in breastfeeding. so, hopefully i can knock these two things out! also, super excited about our baby showers. we are being spoiled rotten by great friends and family and have three showers to look forward to in april and may. we are blessed.

that’s about all i think. lot’s to do and lot’s to think about over the next 10-11 weeks. keep on cooking little man and we’ll see you soon! i’ll hopefully remember to take the “real” weekly update picture tonight. i wanted to take it next to the construction site by the gym where they had a “bump” road sign last week but it was gone today. bummer.

i’m off to hopefully take a nap (they never seem to happen these days even though i WANT them badly!). griff is getting one though!

at least someone is napping

at least someone is napping


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